We like to think of our food as a playful journey of discovery. We appreciate that there are internationally recognised rules for cuisine, but here at Tate, we seek the freedom to explore the world through our cooking, free from the restraints that have been put in place since time immemorial. Culinary expressionism or food art, are both simply words to describe our passion, we simply want to convey our imagination, emotions and memories into the food we create.

Our “Edible Stories” series are inspired by things all around us, stories or simply even abstract thoughts. We visualize and internalize to create, we think about the sounds we hear, the smells in the air and the colours we see all around us, we dig into our memories to draw inspiration.

Once we’ve extracted the essence of our memories we then reconstruct everything to create our experience through food. Within the narrative of our dish each ingredient has their own character that reveals our story, while the aromas and textures reveal the plot.


We were established on the 17th of July 2012, in a humble area in the heart of Soho, Elgin Street. In 2016 we began work on a new home on Hollywood Road. Tate is an adventurers dream, a beacon that boasts a massive 3,800 square feet space, that comprises of a dining room that can accommodate 30 guests, a private room that seats up to 12 guests, as well as a private chef’s kitchen and bar area for cocktails.

We serve an eclectic mix of French and Asian Cuisine, an exploration into culinary expressionism, “Edible Stories” takes diners on an adventure of their own, unravelling the story as they experience the visual and gustatory simulation.

Located in the heart of Sheung Wan, on Hollywood Road, Tate’s comfortable and intimate atmosphere appeals as much to the sophisticated as it does to the adventurous. Tate is open Monday to Saturday; we begin taking from 7pm until 10pm. We offer a dinner service with seasonal tasting menus and a carefully curated wine list.



We believe in delivering a truly inspired dining experience, which requires every facet of the service to be administered perfectly. Which is why we take great care in creating an environment that is conducive to the enjoyment of your experience.

Our chefs endeavour to prepare each dish with the very same fervour that was used to conceive it, which is why we source only the best ingredients. While our servers’ main objective is to make each encounter a memorable one. 

We pour our passion into our food, infusing our quirky take on culinary expressionism to stimulate the sense of smell, taste, touch, and sight. Our plates are our canvases, on which we create art, triggering your own memories, emotions and limitless imaginations through our shared experiences.

Our moment of satisfaction comes when our customers come away from their dining experience thinking more about their meal than their next destination, then do we consider ourselves having delivered an inspiring dining experience.


A true maverick, Vicky Lau graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications from New York University, but what started out as a recreational excursion would later set her on a path to pursue her desire of creating meals with the theme of “Edible Stories”. She discovered food to be a strong platform for both artistic expression and creative intuition.


She followed her Grand Diplôme with an apprenticeship at Cépage, where she gained a strong reputation as one of Hong Kong’s rising chefs.

Emboldened by her passion and encouraged by her peers she opened the Tate Dining Room and Bar, where she blends her appreciation for the culinary arts, her design sensibilities and an infusion of her personality and inspirations to boldly explore culinary expressionism.


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The Tate team is a collection of like-minded local individuals who truly believe in the work they do. Determination and enthusiasm are embodied in our staff. We do what we love and we love what we do.