"Ode To" Series

Currently offered only during lunch, each ‘Ode To’ menu series features six interpretations of a singular ingredient that touches on the ideology of texture, aroma, flavour and presentation.

Ode to Fruit 

An Ode to Fruit features six courses of elevated interpretations of both rare and everyday fruits, bridging familiar Asian flavors with refined French techniques.

Ode to Earth 

We consider the bounties from earth and the infinite culinary possibilities it gives us. A menu that takes us to our roots.

 Ode to Soy Sauce 

Smoky, sweet, savoury, umami.  A drop goes a long way, we learn to tame the foundational Chinese condiment.   

Ode to Tea

A singular tea leaf can change the course of history, make or break a relationship, move or pause time.  We study how time and place create the mysteries around teas we’ve come to enjoy.  

Ode to Tofu

Misunderstood to be one-dimensional, tofu can be tender or firm, fried or steamed; nutty or disguised as another flavour.  Its characteristics lie within its maker, it can be what you want it to be.