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At TATE, we believe fine dining is not a medium particular to a region, collection of ingredients nor even classical recipes. Its foundation lies in the belief that a meal can and should be elevated to an art form - the perfect expression of an idea that can be consumed by all senses.


The intentional control of space, lighting, timing, aroma, plating, temperature, texture and flavour can transport and reveal. To pursue these perfect moments and lasting experiences is possible not only through dedication to fine dining’s intricacies, but also to the constant pursuit of innovation.  Finding balance between tradition and adaptation inspires purpose as we practise consistency and procedure as a form of creative meditation. 


While rooted in the culinary philosophy of haute cuisine, TATE is born from its surroundings. Flavours and ingredients definitive to the culinary identity of Hong Kong inspire menus that isolate and recontextualize the familiar into an avant-garde choreography of memory and revelation.


Culminating into a series titled Edible Stories, a collection of menus representative of the East and West, past and future, precision and innovation, are realised through the lens of a singular ingredient.  The results are endless possibilities that drive the chef team to explore beyond their kitchen doors.



Curiosity leads to obsession. The ‘Ode To’ menu series is Chef Vicky Lau’s in-depth study of a sole ingredient which leads to a final thesis exploring all facets that make-up the subject.  Every-day ingredients and flavours that make up the foundation of Chinese cuisine are deconstructed into a single menu theme requiring countless hours spent with farmers and producers of such products in order to understand its historical, cultural and anthropological purpose. 


Every dish is a lesson learnt-for the chefs to push creative boundaries beyond comfort and familiarity and for the diners, to find  newfound appreciation for humble ingredients and its makers.

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