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"Your roots are your anchor in the ever-changing world."

Hong Kong's culinary story is a tapestry woven with influences from Cantonese, Chaozhou, Shanghainese, and Western cuisines. At Tate Dining Room, we draw inspiration from this vibrant blend. Chef Vicky Lau and her team passionately merge traditional and modern techniques, paying homage to their roots while pushing culinary boundaries. Each dish tells a tale, preserving Hong Kong's rich gastronomic identity in an innovative and artistic presentation. Our dining experience guides you through a symphony of flavors, immersing you in the heart of this captivating city's culinary legacy of flavors, transporting you to the very heart of this captivating city.




“Savour our commitment, passion & quality.”

We believe that cooking is a delicate balance of art, craft, and science. It is the culmination of our chefs' passion, creativity, and expertise, resulting in extraordinary dining experience. Each dish we present is carefully crafted to showcase the ingredients best state from Chef's vision. Every moment is meticulously planned and executed to reach perfection, ensuring that each bite and sip is a harmonic dialogue between food and beverage. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the utmost in hospitality, generosity, and attentiveness, ensuring that your experience at Tate Dining Room is exceptional.


“Each day we remind ourselves of the fortune we have for being able to work with exceptional products”

Produce is always the centerstage attraction at Tate Dining Room. Chef Vicky Lau's "Ode To" menu series is a profound exploration of a single ingredient, culminating in a comprehensive exploration of all its aspects. Each dish serves as a valuable lesson for the chefs, pushing them to transcend their creative boundaries and venture beyond their comfort zones. Simultaneously, diners are encouraged to discover a newfound admiration for humble ingredients and the dedicated artisans who cultivate them. We meticulously select extraordinary ingredients from passionate farmers and producers worldwide, many of whom have proven that every ingredient has its own special significance and purpose.


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