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Our Commitment to Wines & Beverages

Where the terroir whispers in every sip, our beverage selection at TATE Dining Room is a tribute to the rich tapestries of the earth that give life to exceptional wines, sake, teas, and more. Each drink is chosen with deep respect for the growers and producers, those dedicated artisans who pour their knowledge and passion into every bottle and brew.

Our list is curated not only to complement but to elevate the umami and unique flavors crafted by our esteemed Cheffe. These drinks are more than mere accompaniments—they are an integral part of the culinary adventure, revealing layers and textures that enhance every dish.

Our Wine & Sake Pairings

3 Glasses Paring

For Lunch only

HK$ 780 (+10%)


5 Glasses Paring

For Lunch & Dinner only

HK$ 1,080 (+10%)


7 Glasses Paring

For Dinner only

HK$ 1,480 (+10%)



Our wine list spans from accessible delights starting at HK$1,000 to the most esteemed labels, with a focus on French mastery. Alongside, we present carefully chosen sake and Asian wines. From iconic wineries to hidden gems, we celebrate the breadth of France's wine regions, ensuring a perfect complement to every dish.


Our selection of craft non-alcoholic options includes effervescent sparkling teas, vibrant craft juices, and savory herbal infusions, each crafted to pair exquisitely with our culinary offerings. Indulge in the complexity and care that goes into every glass, for a fully rounded, sophisticated dining experience without compromise.


Our selection is a homage to the rich heritage of Chinese tea culture. From the delicate notes of green tea to the deep tones of fermented puerh our range is made to accompany you throughout our tasting menu. Each variety is carefully chosen to complement the nuances of Cheffe's creations, ensuring a seamless gastronomic journey.

Filtered Water

We're dedicated not only to the quality of what you taste but also to the sustainability of our resources. We've partnered with Nordaq to provide you with high-technology filtered water of exceptional purity. By eliminating disposable bottles, we reduce waste and the environmental impact of water transportation. 

Words from our Sommelier team

Image by Big Dodzy
"Pairing wines with our Cheffe's vivid, sauce-driven dishes is a delight. Her cooking clarity guides our wine selections, ensuring a perfect match for each nuanced flavor. Our shared passion for taste culminates in pairings that amplify the dining experience. I'm proud to be part of a team that so skillfully blends our culinary and beverage worlds."
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